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8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers

$584.48$350.99 Product Details

This is a very efficient portable jammer device-portable and practical, with an antenna. Whether I'm on a train, in a movie theater, or anywhere else I use my phone, within 10-15 seconds of turning on the phone's encryption device, the phone owner will be surprised to find it. I have more networks, or your conversation Interrupted.

Review 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers

Date Added: 01/17/2021 by Kovacik Matthew

I'm tired of the spam emails I receive every day, and my brother recommended this jammer to help me solve this problem.

Date Added: 12/19/2020 by Eigner Chris

The interference distance and interference stripes can be easily determined, such as the design of adjustable buttons.

Date Added: 11/01/2020 by Lofton Dion

This thing works well indoors. It works well in restaurants, but sometimes it takes a minute to eliminate the signal. An office worker stammered outside with his mobile phone for 20 minutes. I think it's time to go back to work. Turn it on, she was ten yards away, and killed her phone in just a few seconds. It doesn't work well in my car, but it may be that the windshield is blocking some signals. For some mobile phones, it can work within a few seconds, while for others, it cannot work. I like to interfere with the cells of some of the women driving if I buy a more powerful device.

Date Added: 10/05/2020 by Goldsby Matthew

It works exactly the same as advertised. If the distance is close enough, BT will also be eliminated. The sales staff and technical support are really great. Don't let the lack of purchasing options scare you. They ship the fastest, the fastest I have ever seen. The product comes with a very beautiful box, magnetic lid and world-class packaging. It has a very good structure and is obviously proud. They are honest people, and they provide honest products at reasonable prices

Date Added: 09/23/2020 by Henry Brooke

Thank the seller for the fast delivery and quality of the goods! recommend!

Date Added: 09/10/2020 by Henry Brooke

This is my first time buying a product from Signal Jammer, and my communication and my value impressed me. The 6-band jammer works perfectly in my 25,000 square foot warehouse and keeps my employees working without having to text or call. Thank you! !

Date Added: 08/18/2020 by Delgado Gonzalez

I thought I would buy a jammer long enough. At first, I thought it was a bit expensive for me. But when I sat down to calculate how much money it would cost to buy GPS jammers, GSM jamming devices and WiFi blockers, I found that it was a lot of money. So I chose, I ordered this. So far, it has worked very well, and I hope it will be as reliable as it has been for a long time!

Date Added: 06/25/2020 by Smith John

I received the jammer yesterday and it is in good condition. The size is small and the weight is not heavy. It's really easy to get off.

Date Added: 03/10/2020 by bigs Smat

I did a simple test after receiving the goods, and I am very satisfied with the range and effect of the jammer. It's really a trusted store.

Date Added: 09/20/2019 by Harper James

This jammer is really great, I use it to isolate some noises in life, the effect is very obvious, it is worth starting.

Date Added: 07/05/2019 by Hernandez David

We used this product out of the box and put it into operation within 5 minutes. The manual is simple but effective. Open the box, install the antenna, and then insert it. Very simple, it can run normally.

Date Added: 06/29/2019 by Boonkue Ronnayuth

As employees spend time hanging out on social media sites, our productivity lags behind. We installed it in a public area and immediately saw that the hourly output of employees increased by 3 times. Talk about problem solvers!