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12 Bands Military 3G 4G WiFi GPS Lojack Jammer

$1514.16$731.08 Product Details

This portable jammer should be the best product I have ever bought. Not only does it have a good interference effect, but the heat dissipation system is also very user-friendly. It can work for a long time, and the interference range can be adjusted by yourself.

Review 12 Bands Military Jammers

Date Added: 01/24/2021 by Gammon Dillan

This interference gold pocket is very pleasant. At first glance, I like it and may interfere with GPS GSM WiFi 3G and other cell phone signals at different frequencies.

Date Added: 10/11/2020 by Oneile Jonathon

I am very satisfied with this Jammer. From now on, I can fully enjoy my privacy. Considering the quality and function, the price is cheap. Thank you, will come to buy again!

Date Added: 08/31/2020 by Corredera Augusto

This is a professional manufacturer and seller with many years of experience in the jammer industry. It also provides customized services and is a popular jammer in the industry.

Date Added: 05/29/2020 by Rolandsson Elisabeth

After using it for a few days, the shielding effect is very good. I have used more than a thousand models before, but it is not useful at all. The sound is loud and people are uncomfortable. Although this is a little more expensive, the effect is really good and it is worth the money.

Date Added: 08/29/2019 by Armburst Patrick

The shielding effect is good, and the concealment is good, very satisfied