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How is your personal information leaked? Drinking coffee and using free Wi-Fi may steal your personal information. In recent years, free public Wi-Fi has become a hidden danger for citizens to leak personal information and affect network security. Therefore, the focus is on Wi-Fi management in public places. The hacker set up a camouflage wifi, the signal parasite is very bright, which can inhibit the coverage of normal wifi signals. The user sets the mobile phone and network interaction between the listening levels, and first passes the fake Wifi Disruptor At School. , And then the wifi network, your personal information is in a state of no privacy. This means you can see everything you do on your phone. WiFi Jammer

Wifi Disruptor At School

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130W 8 Band 3G 4G WIFI Drone Signal Jammer

This is the latest multi-function jammer that can simultaneously shield signals such as mobile phones, wifi, drones, etc. The farthest shielding distance is 300 meters.

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Adjustable Box Type Hidden Antenna Wifi Cell Phone Jammer

TX-NZ150W is a self-developed wall-mounted phone WiFi signal jammer. It can block all 2G 3G 4G 5G phone signals and WiFi signals, with large coverage, effective interference effects and complete shielding of all phone signals.

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