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The WiFi signal jammer is developed based on the actual situation of the interception of the radio waves of mobile communication phones. Can shield the signal in the range of 5-50m. Interfere with the downlink frequency band. Does not block the base station signal. Suppressors from other companies shield both frequency bands at the same time. The outdoor barrier effect is also good. We haveinterference devices. Outdoor signals also have excellent interference phone Wifi Disruptor Service Github Waterproof and strong. It is designed with aluminum alloy metal shell. Our products have many advantages. Adopt advanced technology. Products are subject to strict quality control. I have worked for a long time. A device that suppresses cell phone signals in prisons, military bases, gas stations, etc. It has high output and wide shielding range. It can be generated in a magnetic field that shields radio waves within a specified range. Within the blocking range,WiFi jammers can completely block all frequency bands of mobile phone signals. If the operating temperature is too high, the fan will automatically start cooling. We can guarantee continuous long hours of work. WiFi Jammer

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6-BandDesktop Cell Phone Jammers CDMA WIFI2.4 GSM 3G 4G Blockers

This desktop 6-band 80wwireless mobile phone signal jammer, each unit can interfere with up to 6 frequency bands at the same time, and each frequency band can also be independently controlled, and can be shielded up to about 80 meters.

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8341HA-4 Portable Cellular Phones Jammers 2G 3G WiFi Blocker

This is a very portable cell phone blocking device. Due to the convenience of carrying, the weight is lighter, deeply loved by the customer. Can be used and charged in the car. Design small and exquisite, easy to carry. Can continue to work 24 hours a day. Use of advanced cooling system, heat dissipation is very good.

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