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The covert blocking of signals on my cell phone results in the unavailability of Fox News access

Perfectjammer 2022/05/10

Why Fox News Access Blocked On My Cell Phone

Recently, I have frequently received inquiries from parents of some children that they need to buy a suitable electronic Why Fox News Access Blocked On My Cell Phone , and the purpose is also very clear, that is, to interfere with the children at home who are addicted to online games for a long time. Because the end of the semester is approaching, children should also pay close attention to their schoolwork, and not waste too much time playing mobile games. Parents are also worried that forcibly holding their children's mobile phones will lead to rebellious psychology and backfire. So I figured out that by purchasing a suitable cell phone jammer , the mobile phone signal (including WIFI network signal) of the online game can be secretly shielded when the child is not aware of it. This will free you from online gaming to free up time to focus on your studies.

On the premise of not destroying the mobile phone signal shielding device, if the mobile phone is within the shielding range of the shielding device and you want to restore the mobile phone signal, there are only two ways, one is that the mobile phone leaves the shielding range, the mobile phone leaves the coverage area of ​​ Why Fox News Access Blocked On My Cell Phone , the mobile phone The signal will naturally be restored. The other is to not leave the coverage of the mobile phone jammer, but to increase the signal strength of the base station, so as to reduce the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer, and then the mobile phone signal can be restored. Of course, this kind of operation is also relatively difficult. Building a base station needs to be demonstrated, and the strength of the mobile phone signal transmitted by the base station is not the one you want to enhance.

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