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Top Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-26

Top Cell Phone Jammer

At this stage, there are two key ways to shield the data signal with Top Cell Phone Jammer . One is physics digestion and absorption. Wire mesh and boards are installed outside the building to digest and absorb the radio waves of the data signal, so that the room cannot receive the data. Signal. This type of method is expensive in engineering and inconvenient to install, and is generally only used in physics laboratories with unique requirements. The other is to transmit radio waves to affect the data signal in order to achieve the purpose of shielding. From the reports of the news media, cell phone jammer This type of equipment that can transmit radio waves should be installed in the entrance examination halls of middle and high schools across the country.

It is not allowed to vaguely say whether this type of Top Cell Phone Jammer equipment is harmful and how serious the damage is. Because this is very much related to the distance between the device and the body, the signal strength, and so on. This type of device is the same as on a mobile phone, and it emits electromagnetic wave radiation. The adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body have always been a quarrelsome problem internationally. So far, there is no authoritative scientific research and data information to show this problem. According to the pyroelectric effect, the electromagnetic radiation can stimulate the nervous system software of the body. "But how big is its adverse effect? ​​Can it cause cancer? No scientific research can prove it.

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