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Send Link To Cell Phone And It Not Be Blocked Are Removable

Perfectjammer 2022/3/24

Send Link To Cell Phone And It Not Be Blocked

The reporter called one of the customer service hotlines that sold Smart Send Link To Cell Phone And It Not Be Blocked . The other party said that their company is in Beijing, and they can deliver goods at any time and pay on delivery. They did not ask the reporter how to do this. An invigilator introduced that in the past, the mobile phone signal jammers in major test rooms were all mobile and installed before the test. Now this mobile phone jammer has been installed on the wall of the test site half a month in advance, and the mobile phone shielding effect is stronger. It is understood that the city invested more than 3.1 million yuan this year to equip all examination rooms with a new type of cell phone jammer to achieve all-round shielding of mobile phones. During the test, all mobile communication signals, walkie-talkie signals and wireless data transmission signals in the test room will be affected. When the mobile phone is blocked, all communication cheating devices are waste, effectively combating the cheating behavior of high-tech devices. In addition, all test rooms in the city implement electronic surveillance video inspections, and implement a video playback review system after the test.

On the morning of January 25, the reporter found the company in Pudong Industrial Park, Pudong Town, Jimo City. Within 30 minutes of waiting for the relevant staff to be interviewed, the reporter answered 7 calls, 2 of which had abnormal signals. Mr. Li, who is in charge of software management at the company, explained that since the company workshop was full of punch presses, the company was worried that workers would be distracted by answering the phone while operating the machine, so it only installed the Send Link To Cell Phone And It Not Be Blocked in workshop in late December last year. Mr Li said the cell phone jammers they installed had very little power. At the beginning of the installation, he tried the power of the cell phone signal jammer around the company wall and found that the cell phone signal was not affected. Mr. Li said that even in the corridor of the company, the mobile phone signal is normal. As for the mobile phone signal of Mr. Zhang and others, it should have nothing to do with their company's mobile phone signal jammer. When the reporter left after the interview, Mr. Li said again that they did this to ensure safe production and had no other ideas.

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