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Can I Block Websites On My Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022/3/23

Can I Block Websites On My Cell Phone

High technology has brought us a convenient life, but at the same time our freedom has also been limited. For example, we can know the journey of a car through GPS tracking, but sometimes we want to hide our information. If so, try Can I Block Websites On My Cell Phone . Portable Jammer Also called Car Using Jammer, it is a special jammer that disables cell phone signal in the car, but has no effect on the use of other electronic products. It is the third generation of Green cell phone jammer , which is designed to prohibit cell phone terminals from receiving signals. The mobile phone jammer adopts a single output and has a range of 10-20 meters (depending on the complexity of the environment). Within the scope of work, all mobile phone equipment signals are prohibited, and all mobile phone positioning terminals are cut off from the outside world. The operating frequency is 1560-1580MHz and is dedicated to cars using GPS.

It comes with a car charger that is easy to carry and easy to operate. When you want to interfere with GPS tracking, put the car with Can I Block Websites On My Cell Phone in the car cigarette lighter and connect the antenna. The GPS signal will be jammed immediately, and the car using the jammer will start anti-GPS, anti-tracking and anti-location work. Are there any protection measures for the working power supply? Of course, cell phone jammers have an overvoltage protection design to prevent the risk of abnormal voltages. Looking at the casing, there are many cooling holes to ensure a stable working temperature inside. Therefore, the mobile phone signal jammer can work for a long time, has a long life, and can also have stable performance during work. Keeping the antenna away from the jammer is the way to end the jam, if you want to continue, put the antenna back in place. If you need to keep someone secret and get out of satellite tracking of your car at some special time, try asking Jammer for help. It can solve your problem well and keep you safe and confidential. Please note that this product is designed to protect user privacy and may not be used for criminal activities. So, please make sure that your activities are permitted by law, otherwise, we will not be responsible for all your violations.

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