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Office Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-04

Office Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Although there are many websites that actively sell or to interfere with cell phone communications and improvise the creation of " cell phone jammer " in cars, schools, theaters, restaurants and other places, the use of these devices is indeed a violation. According to federal law. In fact, not only is it illegal for consumers to use ** in the United States, but retailers are also prohibited from selling for consumption. Visiting the official website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), their policy is very clear: cell phone jammer This kind of earphone is very small and requires a magnet to suck it out. If it doesn't, it needs the help of a doctor to remove it. Or, electronic devices such as the receiving module are hidden in the temples of the glasses.

For many people, the college entrance examination is the most important node in their lives, and this exam will also greatly affect the future lives of candidates. Therefore, the importance of the college entrance examination is undoubtedly needless to say, but in such a sacred place In the exam, there will be some candidates who try to cheat through electronic signals, hoping to get high scores through off-market recruitment. This behavior is undoubtedly extremely unfair to other candidates and tramples on the efforts of other candidates for many years. Achievements, so for schools, Office Cell Phone Signal Jammer is a countermeasure they must have.

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