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Inexpensive Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-08-30

Inexpensive Cell Phone Jammer

Many schools now install Inexpensive Cell Phone Jammer in schools in order to maintain order in the examination room. However, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers requires certain skills, so, what are the tips for installing mobile phone signal jammers? The mobile phone jammer is used in different occasions, and the shielding range will be different. This is not only related to the frequency band that the cell phone jammer itself can shield, but also has a great relationship with the surrounding environment. If there are obstructions, walls, etc., or amplifiers and other things that enhance cell phone signals, the installation is different from that in an empty classroom. When installing, pay attention to the installation height and place. It cannot be installed near shields. When installing an external antenna signal mobile phone jammer, you also need to pay attention to the connection between the antenna and the corresponding interface. Once the wrong interface is installed, the machine may be burnt out. Is it harmful to people or mobile phones? The signal jamming device emits electromagnetic signals. This kind of mobile phone jammer products have passed the microwave radiation testing certification. The intensity of this radiation is very weak and will not cause harm to the human body. The signal interference is only the forward signal of the mobile phone, so the mobile phone itself is not damaged and the mobile phone cannot connect to the base station.

The mobile phone signal jammer is a signal jammer with very low energy consumption. It is mainly used to shield the signal connection between the mobile phone and the signal base station. In this way, the mobile phone in the examination room can be cut off from the outside to prevent the examination questions from leaking. To ensure fair competition between candidates. Because it does not require much energy, and it uses a metal shell to coax the plastic shell, it also has anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and moisture-proof functions, and can block radiation well, making the machine Keep yourself safe. At present, there are many manufacturers producing Inexpensive Cell Phone Jammer , and some small manufacturers use inferior materials to make this mobile phone jammer in order to save costs. Therefore, you must be careful when buying, so as not to buy some products of poor quality. Here we recommend our mobile phone signal jammer. This is a formal company with good after-sales service, which ensures the quality of the products purchased.

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