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How Much Is A Cell Phone Jammer For Car

Perfectjammer 2021-08-27

How Much Is A Cell Phone Jammer For Car

Many people do not approve of the school’s doing this. They believe that the school’s approach cannot fundamentally solve the problem of students playing with mobile phones in the middle of the night. Citizen Mr. Wang said: “Not being able to access the Internet does not mean that students cannot play on their mobile phones. Some students will download some games and movies on their mobile phones. Anyway, they are stand-alone and can still play without the Internet, so it doesn’t make sense to install How Much Is A Cell Phone Jammer For Car How Much Is A Cell Phone Jammer For Car .” There are also netizens. Questioned the safety of mobile phone jammers. The netizen "I like to run wild" said: "I think we boys will live under the radiation of the shielding device in the future." The netizen's concern is not unfounded. The reporter checked on the Internet. To see if the mobile phone signal jammer has radiation problems, cell phone jammer The results show that, like mobile phones, there is indeed a certain amount of radiation.

The working principle of a mobile phone signal jammer is similar to that of a mobile phone. The chip used is the same as that of a mobile phone, and it also emits electromagnetic signals, so it will also produce a certain amount of radiation to the human body. The reporter interviewed a number of students and parents outside the school. They had different opinions on installing How Much Is A Cell Phone Jammer For Car in the student dormitory building. Student Xiaoqin said: “I live off campus, and it doesn’t affect me whether to install a mobile phone jammer. But the school is doing this for the students. I want students to take more breaks.” Student Xiao Li said: “This is the school. Doing is not trusting students. After all, only a very small number of people go online late. In addition, it is also very useful to browse the web occasionally to learn about current affairs."

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