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How Make A Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-6

How Make A Cell Phone Jammer

In the past, employees have tried to prohibit mobile phones from being brought into the factory, but with little success. The company tried to use How Make A Cell Phone Jammer and other new technologies to solve this problem. Mobile jammers are the subject of controversy. Many citizens believe that the device will affect their freedom of communication. Some dormitories have installed mobile phone signal jammers to prevent students from playing on their mobile phones and surfing the Internet at night. The cell phone signal is blocked. cell phone jammer Will appear in the parking lot. There are consequences such as failure of anti-theft devices such as on-board GPS. Equipped with strict jamming devices to detect radio wave jammers, small size, high output, light weight, large coverage area, 3G/4G phone jammers are easy to carry. Effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning systems for mobile phones/cars! No longer protected by God's whereabouts. Worry! Strictly tested by the National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all technical indicators meet the allowable standards for environmental electromagnetic radiation intensity levels.

The built-in antenna design eliminates the possibility of damage to the student antenna and avoids the trouble of screw antennas. The more accurate range of the 8-channel shielding design is the anti-interference ability: high-end mobile phone signal interference 6 and -8 channel design, How Make A Cell Phone Jammer shielding jitter, sometimes no phenomenon completely shielding the SMS shielding method, even when solving the 3G mobile phone shielding, the base station is away from the base station equipment The transmission is also relatively close. Multiple base stations protect the cell phone from shielded rooms, even if you can use it to send signals. Due to the multi-channel design, it is bound to increase the product cost. The communication suppression device ordinary mobile phone signal jammer may be inconsistent with this product. It is mainly aimed at some high-end users. Introduced, China Unicom, Telecom, the only downlink interference signal is always the electromagnetic environment polluting the uplink signal of green mobile operators, super-strongly obstructing the phone and affecting the mobile phone signal, including the use of sub-shielding methods.

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