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Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch Bag

Perfectjammer 2022-02-11

Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch Bag

At that time, only a few "passers-by" on Weibo questioned that it seemed unrealistic to block mobile phone signals on campus, because "the teacher also wanted to use the mobile phone to 'steal vegetables'...". In the past few days, netizens of Dongguan No. 5 Middle School began to sit still and went to Weibo to verify that "Dongguan No. 5 Middle School" wanted to block mobile phone signals. The Gonzo News Channel finally issued a statement recently saying: "It seems that No. 5 Middle School has already installed cell phone jammer , and it is expected to be put into use next week." At the same time, the cameras installed in the classrooms will also be put into use. "This incident has caused dissatisfaction among students. Install Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch Bag this move "jail", mourning "little private life can no longer be guaranteed". More students worry that if the school really starts blocking mobile phone signals, it may give campus seat belts There are hidden dangers. Netizen Maigar thinks: "People, land, and housing companies are in a hurry, so it counts as a slaughter of women? ! Do you think Teacher D is willing to answer the phone for students 24/5? ! "

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Meicun Middle School and asked three students of the school outside the school. They all said that they had heard that the school had installed Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch Bag in student dormitories, but since they did not live on campus, they had never seen these cell phone jammers. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the principal Zhu Yimin, who did not deny that the school had installed mobile phone jammers in the boys' dormitory. "The student dormitory building has 3 male dormitories and 3 female dormitories, each with 5 floors, and most of the students live on campus. After 9 pm, the students return to the dormitory after self-study at night, and the teachers will check each class. The dormitory has been used at least twice. When the teacher checked the dormitory some time ago, he found that some students were using their mobile phones to surf the Internet, and some even clocked one or two o’clock in the middle of the night.

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