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Cell Phone 800 Number Block

Perfectjammer 2022-02-07

Cell Phone 800 Number Block

According to the Jingyuan Road Police Station, this huge gambling den has many gambling personnel and is well-organized. Every time a crowd gathers to gamble, there are two or more accomplices guarding outside the house, and a Cell Phone 800 Number Block counter is specially set up inside the house to prevent people from whispering. In order to prevent gambling participants from gambling with counterfeit money, the organizers also used money detectors. Of the more than 30 criminals arrested, there are 4 organizers, 27 gambling participants, and several others who have yet to start participating (wait and watch). Nearly a third of these men had criminal records, some were pregnant, and some had a history of drug use. The police told reporters that the organizers of the den took "one pot" as the standard, the bottom of the pot was 5,000 yuan, and each 10% draw was the first 500 yuan. All the pulled out heads are tucked into a box with only one gap. Eventually, it was opened and taken away by the organizers. There are also several people on the scene who specialize in borrowing money from others, all of which provide cash to those in need with a high profit of 5%.

A metal instrument worth hundreds of yuan can make the mobile phone "dumb" and the electronic lock of the car "failure". A few days ago, a reader reported to the Yangcheng Evening News that Cell Phone 800 Number Block , known as the "mobile phone killer", is hot in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Pacific, Huitong and other security markets. A businessman in Huaqiangbei specializing in mobile phones, his daily job is to "buy" the mobile phone market in Huaqiangbei, and then mail it to the communication store opened by his hometown and relatives for sale. Not long ago, he discovered a new product called cell phone jammer in the Pacific security market in Huaqiangbei. Out of curiosity about electronic products, I spent more than 1,300 yuan to buy three different models of cell phone signal jammers to play with. Vehicle GPS malfunction. "What's even more surprising is that a close cell phone jammer can keep my modern car's electronic lock from locking."

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