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Cell Phone Number Scrambler App Blocks Cell Phone Signal

Perfectjammer 2022/03/30

Cell Phone Number Scrambler App

In each examination room, a reporter from Nanhai.com saw that Cell Phone Number Scrambler App etc. have been placed. In the first examination room of Haikou No. 1 Middle School and High School, reporters from Nanhai.com had a live experience. After the signal blocking device is turned on, the mobile phone signal is blocked immediately, and calls can no longer be made. At the same time, each test center has a monitoring and command center, and multiple monitors are configured according to the number of test rooms. The cameras in each test chamber are modulated. The scope of video surveillance can cover all candidates and invigilators in the entire examination room. ”, can be found through the monitoring and command center. Candidates need to pay attention that when entering the examination room, they must present their ID card and admission ticket first, and candidates must remember to bring all documents. Check, if candidates carry mobile phones or other metal objects, the metal detector will turn red. If this happens, the invigilator of the examination room will check whether the metal materials are temporarily sealed. Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau reminds that in order not to affect the admission time, candidates Try not to carry metal materials.

In order to facilitate the smooth implementation of the 2020 college entrance examination and improve the management capabilities of test centers, Suzhou Mobile has recently established a college entrance examination support team to fully support the college entrance examination exchange service. This year, Suzhou has set up 24 college entrance examination centers. In order to prevent the opening of the college entrance examination test center Cell Phone Number Scrambler App from affecting the cognition of surrounding users, Suzhou Mobile collected the list of communities covered by the test center in advance, and sent SMS notifications to all community residents within the range of the mobile phone jammer. College entrance examination room. During the exam, the school's cell phone jammer may cause problems such as inability to make and receive calls, intermittent calls, and inability to access the Internet. This raises the public's awareness of the problem of signal shielding during the college entrance examination, and guides citizens to reasonably avoid mobile phone signal shielding during the college entrance examination. It is understood that the background of Suzhou Mobile Network also guarantees parameters that affect cell synchronization, modifies power control parameters, optimizes voice quality, and increases uplink transmit power, so that citizens can have a better perception of the environment in the case of strong interference. "Suzhou Mobile's service is really in place, please send us a text message in advance, our home is near Suzhou, it's nothing to be a little inconvenient.

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