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Battery Block For Cell Phone Samsung Restricts Illegal Use

Perfectjammer 2022/03/29

Battery Block For Cell Phone Samsung

Mr. Dong told the "Beijing Science and Technology News" that only some units involved in state secrets can use mobile communications with the approval of the relevant departments when conducting confidential meetings Battery Block For Cell Phone Samsung . In June 2001, the then Ministry of Information Industry issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Illegal Development, Production and Use of Radio Interference Equipment", which clearly emphasized "the prohibition of mobile phone dial-in and dial-out within a certain range, the use of such equipment in society. , disrupting the order of radio waves, seriously infringing on the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users, and must be stopped in accordance with the law." "But the status quo is: no law prohibits the sale of such electronic cell phone jammer equipment, but only restricts the illegal use.

Some movie theaters and libraries are also using this equipment, and there are many cases where it doesn't. "It is difficult to supervise with the approval of the relevant departments." Mr. Wang believes that to fundamentally stop using such equipment, it must be approved by the relevant state departments. Clear laws and regulations prohibit, or formulate regulations such as "sale or use after the approval of the local radio management department" to control market chaos. In addition to users suspected of "illegal installation", all current cell phone jammer manufacturers are also suspected of "illegal production and illegal sales." However, the reporter found in the interview that some manufacturers complained that "there is no way to understand this matter". "We don't know that production Battery Block For Cell Phone Samsung still needs approval, and no one told us." The head of a production company that was once "closed" told reporters privately, "You know,

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