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Cell Phone Blocking System

Perfectjammer 2022-02-12

Cell Phone Blocking System

To buy cell phone jammer , we need to understand our needs. For example, in addition to the gsm network, we also need to block the signal type and whether to block the 3G and 4G network frequency bands. So we can buy Cell Phone Blocking System can block all cell phone signals. Also, we purchased electronic jamming equipment and needed to consider where to use it. Portable mobile phone jammers are convenient for us to use indoors and outdoors, while desktop mobile phone jammers use a variety of antenna designs. As the name suggests, they will be more versatile, not only for individuals, but also for larger venues such as prisons, courts, schools, etc., because of their wider interference radius and more types of signal blocking.

Shockingly, exam room management is almost useless. According to the regulations, candidates cannot bring their mobile phones into the examination room, but due to the lax enforcement of the regulations, many candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room to obtain examination information provided outside the examination room through WeChat. The test room was originally equipped with a Cell Phone Blocking System number for mobile phone signals, but the relevant staff said that the mobile phone jammer had been broken for a long time and would not be repaired before the test. Mobile phones entering the examination room are also lax, and the staff also uses "humaneness" to cover up. In stark contrast to the rampant fraud is the cowardice of the victims. The person who reported the fraud was the father of candidate Xiao Liu. Although the fraudulent behavior of others hit Xiao Liu hard and made him very desperate, he still opposed his father's report, "...I was known to be hated by others, what else can I do?" Another parent also object to the report. , saying that reporting is not good for children.

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