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Cell Phone Microwave Blocker

Perfectjammer 2022-02-22

Cell Phone Microwave Blocker

This year, a Cell Phone Microwave Blocker with signal jamming function will be installed and used in many places across the country in the examination halls for high school and college entrance examinations. The device can interfere with and shield mobile phone signals to prevent candidates from cheating by using mobile phones (including China Mobile, China Unicom, CDMA, and PHS). In fact, this kind of device has been installed and used in some local examination rooms last year, and many special occasions such as auditoriums have also started to use this kind of device several years ago to prevent the meeting from being interrupted by the continuous ringing of mobile phones. Some schools even install the device in the teaching area to prevent students from disturbing the classroom order by answering their mobile phones in class. Although the Ministry of Education has not made mandatory regulations for the installation of cell phone jammer , it also believes that mobile phone jammers are an effective means to prevent cheating on a large scale, and has issued safety requirements for schools to use mobile phone signal jammers. This year's college entrance examination, there has been a sudden increase in the discussion of whether mobile phone jammers harm the health of candidates and whether they interfere with the candidates' normal thinking. The reason is that cell phone signal jammers can affect people's normal thinking. After that, reports about the harmful effects of mobile phone jammers on the human body appeared in the newspapers one after another. Some media reporters even said that the reporter experienced close proximity to the mobile phone jammer, "within 15 minutes, dizziness, stuttering, inability to concentrate, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting." The parents of the candidates who hope their children will become dragons are worried about such news, and they are eager for the authority to come out and clarify.

At present, there are two main methods for shielding mobile phone signals. One is physical absorption. Metal meshes and plates are installed outside the building to absorb the electromagnetic waves of mobile phone signals, so that mobile phone signals cannot be received in the house. This method is expensive and troublesome to install, and is generally only used in scientific laboratories with special needs. The other is to rely on the emission of electromagnetic waves to interfere with the mobile phone signal in order to achieve the purpose of shielding. Judging from media reports, it should be this kind of device that can emit electromagnetic waves installed in the examination rooms of high school and college entrance examinations in various places. Is this device harmful? It is impossible to say in general whether or not this Cell Phone Microwave Blocker device is harmful and how harmful it is. Because it has a lot to do with the distance between the device and the human body, the transmission power, etc. This device, like a mobile phone, emits electromagnetic radiation. The harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body has been a controversial issue in the world, and there is no authoritative research and data to explain this issue. Electromagnetic radiation, which works through thermal effects, stimulates the central nervous system of the human body. "But how dangerous is it? Can it cause cancer? There's no research to prove it.

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