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Cell Phone Jammer Price In Chennai

Perfectjammer 2022-02-27

Cell Phone Jammer Price In Chennai

Generally speaking, the minimum range of Cell Phone Jammer Price In Chennai is tens of meters. As long as there are enough cell phone signal jammers, the maximum is unlimited. Otherwise, how can the prison achieve all signal shielding? The range of cell phone signal jammers depends on your frequency modulation range. , about 100 square meters of the house is enough, there are many kinds of mobile phone signal jammers, you can go to know, cell phone jammer shielding range is based on the size of the power of the mobile phone jammer, if it is tested in the field according to the local environmental signal The strong and weak shielding range is different. For example, if the indoor signal is weak, the shielding range is large. If there are GSM base stations in the outdoor accessories, then the GSM signal is close to the outdoor shielding range! Theoretical analysis shows that when the mobile phone signal jammer is working, if the transmission power is too large due to the improper setting, in a small-scale conference room, classroom and other confined spaces, the electromagnetic waves will be superimposed in the narrow space, and the electromagnetic waves will pass through the walls that are originally separated from the outside. The multiple reflections from the ceiling and the ground will cause the personnel in the room to be exposed to more serious electromagnetic pollution.

According to the survey, the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination are the occasions where Cell Phone Jammer Price In Chennai is used the most, and in some examination rooms that use mobile phone signal jammers, some parties (college entrance examination inspectors, candidates and teachers) are in a state of irritability and inability to concentrate, and some candidates even appear Headache symptoms. There are various indications that if the transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer is too large, it will seriously affect the normal thinking of candidates in the examination room. When it is really necessary to use jammers, try to use low-power mobile phone signal jammers. If one can solve the problem, do not set up multiple ones. The lower the installation position, the better. Do not hang it on top of people's heads, which is very detrimental to human health. The cell phone signal jammers we set up during the county economic work conference in the province were placed in the flowers on the floor beside the wall of the conference room, which not only achieved the shielding effect, but also did not affect the beauty of the conference venue. It can be said to be the best of both worlds.

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