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Frequency That Can Block Cell Phone Signal Is Affected By Many Factors

Perfectjammer 2022/3/19

Frequency That Can Block Cell Phone Signal

The main lobe coverage angle is defined as the coverage angle when the external power of the main lobe drops by 3dB. This means that the side and back radiation of a directional antenna is much lower than the main lobe. Therefore, if the space close to the antenna is relatively shielded, there will still be external interference due to the reflection of the shielded building. Similarly, if used improperly, uplink interference will also occur, and the interference range will be larger. Therefore, whether the equipment technology can meet the conditions, the application of the antenna, and the debugging of the system are more meaningful than whether to use a directional antenna. Third, we consider the distance of Frequency That Can Block Cell Phone Signal to be a clear indicator. In fact, distance is not an absolute value. It is related to the strength and quality of the signal in space. In short, distance is meaningless. The same shielding power, if the distance of the weak point is 100m-70dB, the distance of -52dB is only 12.5m.

The shielding distance is related to the antenna gain. The same power shielding host uses antennas with different gains, and the distances are also very different. For example, an antenna with a gain of 16db has a distance of 100 meters, while an antenna with a gain of 4db has a distance of only 25 meters. In short, when choosing cell phone jammer , you should test it yourself in combination with the actual situation of the field environment, and trust your hearing. The mobile phone jammers in the past two years are indeed only aimed at the communication signals of mobile phones, and the frequency bands are: CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, and PHS. If your exam room uses this Frequency That Can Block Cell Phone Signal , then it cannot block the Wifi band of Kuaiya. At present, many domestic manufacturers have produced 2.4G Wifi signal jammers. In addition, when using Kuaiya, please note that the range of Wifi devices is very limited, especially when the mobile phone is used as a hotspot to connect to other mobile phones, the transmission power of the mobile phone is smaller and the range is very wide. smaller.

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