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Perfectjammer 2022/01/04

The Wireless Industry Association of the United States submitted an opinion to the Federal Telecommunications Commission on the 3rd, requesting the retention of the “Prohibition of Private Blocking of Signals” regulations. Not long ago, two American companies proposed to the Federal Telecommunications Commission that they should block signals in relevant places, such as prisons. However, the network company of the American Wireless Industry Association believes that the cancellation of the regulations may allow criminals to abuse Block Spam Numbers Cell Phone , making it impossible for mobile phone users to make calls for help in emergency situations. Those who support retention regulations also believe that Cell Phone Jammer "punishes" not only the noisemaker, but also the caller who deliberately speaks in a low voice.

Clyde Enslin, a spokesman for the Federal Telecommunications Commission, declined to comment on the controversy and the results of last year's investigation in Maryland. And Verizon Communications spokesperson Jeffrey Nelson, who spends $6.5 billion annually on network system maintenance, commented: “This is a counter-intuitive approach: When mobile phone users demand better wireless network signal coverage, On the rise, those merchants who made Block Spam Numbers Cell Phone also saw the market." James Katz, director of the Mobile Communication Research Center at the State University of New Jersey in Rutgers, USA, said: "If there is any characteristic of the 21st century, it is that we cannot serve the benefit of others. Come to wrong yourself. Those who use cellphones feel that their own interests are above all else, while those who block cellphone signals feel that their own interests are more important."