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Block Snapchat Services On Router For Cell Phone Prevent Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/06/04

Block Snapchat Services On Router For Cell Phone

With the rapid development of science and technology, many companies, schools and other institutions are facing information security problems, such as the use of high-tech equipment to cheat during exams, and the monitoring and recording of meetings with companies. According to the appearance of these problems, we have developed a new model Block Snapchat Services On Router For Cell Phone , the new mobile phone signal shielding device adopts signaling level technology, which does not harm the normal operation of surrounding base stations, and only shields electronic signals for designated electronic products within a specific range, which can effectively Interfere with the uplink 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g and 2.4G signals sent by the mobile phone. There are many types of mobile phone signal shielding equipment on the market today, and the prices are between several hundred to tens of thousands of yuan. The market price of the most used test room-type signal shielding equipment is around 2,000 yuan. The market price of the most signaling-level signal shielding instruments used by enterprises and troops is about 6000-15000, which can effectively block the signal, but does not hurt the normal use of the base station.

Right now, I have entered junior high school in June and this year's college entrance examination. Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the college entrance examination will also be delayed by one month. In order to better ensure the quality of examination cards, many schools have already gradually prepared and established examination venues in advance. Right now, there is a very important thing in preparing the exam room in advance, and that is to install it in Block Snapchat Services On Router For Cell Phone . However, it is not possible for anyone to install a mobile phone signal jammer. So, what must be paid attention to in the process of installing the mobile phone signal jammer? In fact, it will be very simple to install it on itself, but after some small attitudes in the previous installation determine how this cell phone jammer will work afterwards. For example, the natural environment around the site is also installed at a relative height. In order to better ensure the best actual effect of the signal, the actual effect is best when installed within three meters above one meter. The cell phone signal jammer is a little small, and it can be stabilized on the roof or the wall with ordinary screws. Naturally, it can also be used on items such as the dining table.

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