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Block Sales Calls From Cell Phone Fights Hi-Tech Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022-02-03

On the first day of the college entrance examination, the reporter visited some test centers and test rooms, and saw that the candidates were admitted in accordance with the "airport security" standards. Functional electronics. At the same time, use hand-held security inspection equipment to conduct security inspections on candidates, focusing on checking whether candidates carry various cheating electronic devices. In addition, the identity is strictly verified, and the identity information such as the candidate's personal photo is carefully checked. This year's college entrance examination, all examination rooms, examination rooms, and test paper security rooms have installed electronic surveillance video systems. To monitor and record the storage and distribution of test papers, the implementation of the test and the test situation of candidates, without blind spots. All the candidates' disciplinary and cheating behaviors were carried out on surveillance video. Behavior will be recorded. Communication Block Sales Calls From Cell Phone is installed in all test chambers. During the examination, the radio supervision department arranges radio signal vehicles to patrol around the examination room, intensifies the investigation and punishment of suspected cheating radio signals in the examination room, and prevents and cracks down on high-tech cheating.

Modern technologies and opportunities have become easier and more accessible, and are often used by a wide range of people, whether individuals or small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, GPS tracking (tracking the location of drivers, couriers, assembly teams, sales reps, children, etc. on a map in real time, and viewing their whereabouts and stop statistics) is now becoming an increasingly popular service for Home Conditions and Businesses. Everyone can use a GPS tracker, but there are times when you want to hide from prying eyes. To stop gps tracking use Block Sales Calls From Cell Phone , there is no device in the world that can determine the coordinates of people and cars. Driving a car in the city or off-road and staying invisible - a dream that stopped being a reality a few years ago. It's going well, and devices that can block GPS signals appear on the market - they call them tracker GPS signal jammers. Company employees and courier drivers involved in the transportation of goods can also use cell phone jammer . This is a great opportunity to avoid snooping altogether. Simply install such a device in your car and turn it on to block signals from 5 to 15 meters, meaning drivers can be sure they'll be out of sight of any curious observer.