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Best Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases

Perfectjammer 2021-12-08

Best Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases

As long as I search the Internet, the information peddling " Best Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases " will keep popping up. The seller's asking price is not high, three to four hundred yuan per set. How to prevent such eavesdropping? "Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone is in a safe state when it is really turned off." Hu Aiqun explained that if the battery is unplugged, it is safer, because no chip will work when there is no power. Of course, the mobile phone not excluded. Of course, this is not absolute. If your phone has been "modified" by someone with a rechargeable battery inside, it is very likely that it will still be monitored. In order to prevent eavesdropping, there is another trick - turn off the phone and put it in a closed metal box. cell phone jammer

After working in an Internet company, he found that the company always withdrew from some messy regulations, which made him very puzzled. Before long, the boss installed Best Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases in the corner of the office, so that many employees had no way to go online, but only in the company. Actually performing work, if there is no signal, your friends or family members may not know if they call. Once there is an urgent matter, there is no way to know the first time, so many new employees choose after seeing the boss's random actions. Resign,

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