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Build Cell Phone Jammer Schematic

Perfectjammer 2021-12-05

Build Cell Phone Jammer Schematic

The current domestic signal jammers are not incapable of shielding 5g signals, but some models of shielding instruments do not achieve full coverage of the 5g commercial frequency band. This problem is related to the current incomplete coverage of the Build Cell Phone Jammer Schematic frequency band. For example, the mobile 5G frequency band is 2.6G, which is the same as its existing 4G frequency band, so even the old model jammer should be able to get it theoretically. However, China Telecom Unicom's 5G frequency band 3.5G is indeed far from the two 4G frequency bands. If the old model jammer is used, there is indeed the possibility that it cannot be shielded. To prevent such cheating incidents from happening again, the most reasonable solution is to develop signal jammers with stronger shielding capabilities and support for more comprehensive shielding frequency bands. In addition, it is also very important to purchase qualified products from regular manufacturers. But is this the core of the problem? Why can a mobile phone be brought into the examination room, why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room, and why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room? These are the crux of the problem! Don't avoid focusing on the most important things, only discussing technology, and avoiding or even neglecting human factors such as ineffective supervision and poor organization. This is the biggest trampling on the public and public opinion. cell phone jammer

Build Cell Phone Jammer Schematic Technically speaking, it is actually just a small branch in the wireless information shielding system. Its essence is electronic countermeasures, or co-channel interference, which uses equipment to send out high-frequency signals through antennas to make mobile phones generate errors when receiving downlink signals. The code cannot be identified and connected to the network, and the mobile phone shows no network status, which achieves the effect of signal shielding; for signal shielding, everyone knows that the downlink signal of the base station needs to be interfered, but due to a series of factors such as technology, cost, price, and production, some It is difficult for manufacturers to only interfere with the downlink, so some illegal manufacturers do not make precise frequency range adjustments in order to improve the effect of prison signal interference.

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