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Video Demo - Cellphone Jammers Mini Type

Ultra Small Size Mobile Signal Blocker Device

This jammers is compact and easy to carry, whole production process strictly follow the ISO900 quality system, and through the CE certification, stable and reliable

Suitable for classrooms, conference rooms, library, cinema and other places. Recently, some private enterprises and government departments have also started to purchase such products.

Cell phone or mobile phone jammer are basically a device which creates, usually, a short-term dead zone (sometimes it creates a permanent dead zone) for all mobile phone traffic. Earlier, jammers used to come with large antenna and were big and clumsy devices. Now, diverse types of cell phone jammers are available with diverse sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the range and frequencies of cell phone jammers differs depending upon the model. Some jammers come with the range of approximately around 70 to 80 feet. This is effective enough to jam the immediate surroundings.