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Video Demo - Mini Jammer Device for WIFI Signal

Wi-Fi Mini Blocker Devie

Mini WIFI jammer with built-in antenna. Very deceptive appearance, it does not look like a jammer. Of course, in addition to jammer WIFI signals, it can also blocker CDMA, GSM, GPS signals.

Mobile phone technology plays a sensitive role in the lives of the human beings. because of the different advantages it can not be separated from our lives. but the disadvantages of this technology are undeniable. With the popularization of smart phones, more and more mobile software has the function of eavesdropping. Therefore, all kinds of signal jammers are needed.

But as the technology has been abused, more and more people's quiet lives have been broken by the technology. When you want to study in the library, there is a ringing phone. When you're enjoying a good afternoon tea, there's a chattering conversation. When you enjoy the best part of the movie, your neighbor opens his cell phone. Everything, it seems, reminds us of a useful little tool called the WIFI jammer.