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Video Demo - Operation demonstration 6 Bands Handheld Jammer

Handheld 6 Bands All Phone Jamming

This jamming device size is very small, easy to carry. Can interfere with 6 bands, jamming all mobile phone signals

Has portable design, Size is very small, easy to carry. Can interfere with six bands, can jamming all mobile phone signals. Simple operation, open the power can be used immediately. The device is now a very popular device in the United States

Mostly, cell phones use one frequency to send signals and another frequency to receive signals. The frequencies used by major Telecom standards like GSM, CDMA, 3G/4G, DCS, PHS, etc are fixed, over large geographies. So, it is possible to create interference in cell phone communications (over a certain area) by transmitting high-power RF signals that are in the same range as the cell phone communication signals, that need to be blocked.

To do this, one might need a small equipment (with transmitters, antennas and other electronic circuits) called as, ‘Cell phone Jammer’. When someone switches this equipment On, high power RF signals are generated and sent out (within a certain coverage area), causing interference with the genuine cellular voice/ data signals, effectively blocking/ disrupting them.