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Video Demo - Adjustable Power 5 Bands Desktop Jammer

Desktop 5 Bands Jammer Device

This jammer device can be used in any place where the use of mobile phones, GPS and WIFI signals is prohibited. 40 meters of interference can be used for small and medium sized conference rooms and rooms to ensure the safety of meetings and information security

With the help of this device you could prevent yourself from irritating talks which distract you. Also, mobile jammers could come useful to workers of library, cinema and theatre. As usual usage of mobile phones in such places doesn’t allow, but many people forget about it and in spite of ban use their phones. Therefore, the use of jamming devices can effectively keep these places quiet.

The device is able to take out GSM and 3G signals, all within a 30 meters radius. When the device is activated, and there’s a cellphone with the correct frequency in play, the user on the phone will suddenly be attacked by static, instead of the person’s voice on the other line.