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Video Demo - How to install 8 bands jammer

8 Bands Handheld Jammers 2G 3G 4G LOJACK

The 8 bands signal jammer has a very large range of block, can jamming CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, GPS, WiFi, LOJACK, 4G(LTE). It is very convenient jamming equipment

Suitable for classrooms, cinemas, restaurants, churches, educational institutions and other places

It is the development of technology that makes the jamming units performs in the way they are. A particular signal is radiated by the cell phone jammer unit which in turn jams the remotely controlled receivers. Thus, it prevents the execution of any coded command parties. At the same time, the devices that are outside the protected area continue to remain unaffected. The cell phone jammer units make use of specially coded transmissions so that the receivers of GSM devices can be deceived. Thus, the cell phone’s connection to the base stations is prevented.

Currently, the device is being sold at a rapid pace as one of the most popular jamming devices in the United States.