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Video Demo - Cell Phones Handheld Jammers 4 Bands

4 Bands Cell Phones Handheld Jammers 2G 3G GPS

This mobile phone jammer is suitable for all kinds of examination room, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, military and other places to prohibit the use of mobile phones

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery 2000mAh, can be used continuously for 1-3 hours. Can be used for 24 hours, not hot. Use this 4 bands jammer your can effective jam Signal from cell phone, 2G 3G GPS WiFi RF signal at a radius of 20 meters. Can help you protect your privacy. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping and tracking.

The cell phone jammer is a device that gives off signals in a frequency which is in a similar range that mobiles use, successfully obstructing the communication by creating powerful interference. When the cell phone comes within the jammers range, it loses its signal. The cell phone will simply show “no service” or “no reception strength”.

Signal jammer are even used in universities, schools, government agencies and prisons. Blocking conversation on these places cannot certainly become a distraction. Thus, the advantages of using cell phone jammers are immense. It has become a compulsory addition to high security areas like detention centers and prisons. It prevents illegal communication between visitors and inmates. Nowadays, it is even utilized in places like libraries and movie theaters. As a result, having a jammer can help maintain quiet atmosphere, prevent cheating and increase security.