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Tumbling Tower Block Cell Phone Holder Can Create A Magnetic Field

Perfectjammer 2022/04/13

High Power Tumbling Tower Block Cell Phone Holder is a product developed according to market demand, using special advanced technology. The principle is that the signal of the transmitter or instrument is modulated by a semiconductor device between the two sides, isolated and converted by an optical or magnetic sensor, and then demodulated and converted back to the original signal before isolation. At the same time, the power supply of the signal is isolated to ensure the converted signal. Signal and power are completely independent. In the working state, a shielding magnetic field can be formed within the specified range, so that the mobile phone cannot be taken out and touched, so as to achieve the purpose of forcibly prohibiting the use of mobile phones, and completely solve the various hazards caused by mobile phones.

Mobile phones allow people to enjoy high technology, bring convenience to people without disturbing the surrounding environment, and completely eliminate the possibility of prisoners using mobile phones to communicate. Now basically every exam room will have Tumbling Tower Block Cell Phone Holder installed, but this machine will get hot after using it for a while. Heat may interfere with normal use of the machine. However, this is not certain. There are differences in cooling capacity only according to different brands. So, how does the Cell Phone Jammer dissipate heat? Old-fashioned cell phone jammers can only slow down by natural temperature. But now, most cell phone jammers are equipped with fans. Not only are these fans quiet, but they also dissipate heat very well.