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Signal Scramblers Cellular Phone

Cell phone jammers use antennas to send radio waves in the same frequencies that cell phones use. This causes enough interference to make cell phones within the immediate area of a cell phone jammer (which can be anywhere from 12 feet to even five miles, depending on the type) useless. There are millions of cell phone users. The number of users is growing. Each individual has one or more. These are used for different purposes. Very few people do not use these for personal reasons. The use of cell phone jammers is prevalent in the area of Schools, Theatres and restaurants although the law opposes it. Actually no one can detect it is being used as you will only get poor signal strength in your cell phone. At the same time, since the device will not affect the operation of other smart devices, you can safely use it.

Many countries allow limited cell phone jamming, including France, India, Mexico, New Zealand and others. Nearly all these countries allow the jamming of cell phones in prisons. Some of them allow it in schools, and even theaters. Many countries with current bans are considering the use of jammers in prisons.

Companies may prohibit employees from using their phones by a cell phone jammer during certain circumstances, such as when they should be waiting on customers, “as it would both be rude to the customer and hinder work. Otherwise I think employers should trust and empower employees. There are many other ways to get distracted and not be productive at work, taking frequent breaks, chatting, using a PC for other than work tasks, etc. Should employees make the wrong judgment call, it all comes back to their manager to do coaching and oversight to prevent abuse and foster appropriate behavior.

Mini Type Portable Cell Phone Signal Blocker Device

Mini Cell Phone Jammer

This is a mini hidden type multi - purpose jamming device. First of all, the design of this device is very portable. The size of 20mm*20mm*26mm can be easily put into pocket or backpack. Second, the device has a very strong concealment. The device looks like a portable power source, can ensure that you are not easily perceived by others during your use. Third, although the device is very small, but it can also interfere with multiple signals. Whether you need to block cell phone signals or WIFI signals or GPS signasl, this device can meet your requirements.


6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammers 2G 3G 4G

6 Bands Cell Phone Jammers

There are many legal purposes for using them in some peoples everyday lives. Cellular based security systems testing, cell phone testing, wireless product testing, and GPS product testing are areas where technicians use them all the time to verify their equipment is working without actually causing unnecessary calls to 911 centers. Many schools, theatres, movie shops, dorms, auditoriums, restaurants, and so forth can also use them legally. This product has a very convenient single frequency switch. You can choose to open or close a frequency band as needed. With good heat dissipation system, it can work for a long time. Can block the main mobile phone band and WIFI and GPS signals.


Power Adjustable 8 Bands Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Dsektop 8 Bands Cell Phone Blocker

As a multi-function desktop jammer, this product can block 8 frequency bands. It has very , the jammer range is large, the interference signal output is stable. It has a single frequency switch, and can adjust the output power and control the jamming range.


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