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Cell Phone Scramblers Signal Jammer

Cell phone are a necessary evil, we all know that. But what is just evil, and not at all necessary, is the behavior of people on cell phones in public. Now, you could just politely ask them to shut up and go away, or instead you could buy a cell phone jammer and shut them up all by yourself. To jam a cell-phone, one need, is a device that broadcasts on the correct frequencies. Using a mobile phone jammer device can quickly block nearby cell phone signals and make them quiet quickly. Although different-cellular- systems process signals differently, all cell-phone-networks use radio-signals that can be interrupted. GSM, used in digital-cellular and PCS-based systems, operates in the 900-MHz and 1800-MHz-bands in Europe, Asia and Africa in the 1900-MHz (sometimes referred to as 1.9-GHz)-band in the United States of America. Jammers can broadcast on any frequency and are effective against AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, PCS, DCS, iDEN and Nextel-systems. The actual-range of the jammer depends on its power and the local-environment, which may include hills or walls of a building that block the jamming-signal. Low-powered-jammers block calls in a range of about 30 feet (9 m). Higher-powered units create a cell-free-zone as large as a football-field (around 120mx90m). Units used by law-enforcement can shut-down service up to 1 mile (1.6 km) from the jammer-device. A portable mobile-phone- jammers featured by the Universal and Handheld Design, could block worldwide cell phone networks within 0.5-10 meters, including GSM900MHz, GSM1800MHz, GSM850MHz/CDMA800MHz and also 3G networks (UMTS / WCDMA)

Prison cell phone jammer aims at interrupting communication of unauthorized cell phones in the prison. This device helps in controlling communication of criminals present in the prison. This form of jamming is prevalent in courtroom environment and during military installation. The mechanism of this kind of jamming systems is sophisticated than that of regular cell phone jammers, since it helps to detect the callers automatically or manually and block unauthorized phone calls. People use their cell phones everywhere, do not have the courtesy to look for the bad effect in some areas like Concerts, Movie Theatres, Churches etc. It is very distracting yet embarrassing because people sharing their personal details over the phone and everyone is listening. When the signal shielding is required, cellular jammers are applicable. Cell phone signal blocker will not affect other electronic gadgets when defending signals from base station. It creates a status of no access and no network. The cellular jammer is a multi channel kind for the communication signal of different channels. For different frequency range of cell phone communication contains different channels each one of that can be utilized as BCH. Moreover, MSC will decide which channels or channel will be utilized as BCH according to channel distribution in the network area. Based upon the cellular jammer and communication technology, there must be proper frequency difference to avoid interference.

Power Adjustable 8 Bands Cell Phone Signal WiFi GPS Jammer

 Cell Phone Jammers

As a multi-function desktop jammer, this product can block 8 frequency bands. It has very , the jammer range is large, the interference signal output is stable. It has a single frequency switch, and can adjust the output power and control the jamming range.


5 Bands All 2G 3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer Handheld

Handheld 5 Bands Cell Phone Jammer

This is a small multi-function jamming device. It can interfere with major mobile phone signals, such as 2G,3G,4G and other signals, as well as WIFI and GPS signals. Because it is very convenient to carry, it has become a must for most teachers and drivers. Has independent frequency band switch, you can turn on the corresponding frequency band for interference.

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8 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Jammers 2G 3G 4G LOJACK

8 Bands Cell Phone Blocker

As the most popular handheld jammer, this product has a small size, easy to carry. Can block 8 frequencies, and have a very large jammer range. With a separate frequency control switch, you can select the frequency range that needs to be disturbed as needed. With car charger, can be used in the car. This product has the perfect heat dissipation system, can work long time. The shell is made of high quality metal with good heat dissipation.


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