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Portable Cell Phone Jammer 8 Band Phone Jammer

WLAN signal network killers

Why do you need a WIFI jammer? Wi-Fi is one entry-point hackers can use to get into your network without setting foot inside your building because wireless is much more open to eavesdroppers than wired networks, which means you have to be more diligent about security.

You're connecting to a network that may or may not require a password that anyone can obtain. You have no way to ascertain the security of the network or even verify and validate that it is truly the network and not an "Evil Twin". You have no way* to make sure no one can intercept and read and/or modify your data. Furthermore, while not dangerous yet still annoying, the stores can also monitor your connections and dependent upon the fine print you click "OK" in order to connect, they could query your device and get data about you. This data could be the apps you have installed, location data, and others. The same also applies for applications you install (Walmart Savings Catcher, Macy's App, etc.). These stores also have NO legal obligation or responsibility to protect your device or data on their network.

Therefore, it is very important to consciously protect your information and property. For now, the most popular is WLAN jamming devices. These devices are very convenient to use and can immediately shut off the surrounding WIFI signal. The latest devices can also adjust the range of interference to avoid affecting others.

5 Bands Wireless Signals Jammer Handheld

5 Bands Handheld WLAN Jammers

This is a small multi-function jamming device. It can interfere with major mobile phone signals, such as 2G,3G,4G and other signals, as well as WIFI and GPS signals. Because it is very convenient to carry, it has become a must for most teachers and drivers. Has independent frequency band switch, you can turn on the corresponding frequency band for interference.

$339.88 $677.53

EO-08-007 8 Bands WIFI Handheld Jammers Device

8 Bands WIFI Jammers

As the most popular handheld jammer, this product has a small size, easy to carry. Can block 8 frequencies, and have a very large jammer range. With a separate frequency control switch, you can select the frequency range that needs to be disturbed as needed. With car charger, can be used in the car. This product has the perfect heat dissipation system.


Desktop 16 Bands WIFI Adjustable Power Blocker Device

Dsektop 16 Bands WIFI Jammers

This product has a very large range to jammer signals, can block all signals within 70 meters, able to meet the needs of the vast majority of situationsa. Suitable for classrooms, auditorium, library, cinema, office space such as a larger place. The jamming signal of this device is very stable and can guarantee the interference effect.


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