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Raspberry Pi Projects Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-09-15

Raspberry Pi Projects Cell Phone Jammer

For the office, the convenient use of computers will weaken the functions of mobile phones, and frequent use of mobile phones will also distract some people and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, many companies will set up a prohibition of mobile phones during working hours. Regulations. Especially in government agencies, once the staff of the agency accidentally leaked the content of their work, they could easily be stolen by illegal elements. This is a very dangerous thing for agencies and agencies. In order to prevent the occurrence of such incidents, agencies will be equipped with Raspberry Pi Projects Cell Phone Jammer , or mobile phone signal shielding cabinets to avoid leaks. cell phone jammer It just performs a filter on most of the information, and then blocks out some of the same frequency bands.

Shielding the mobile phone signal is an act of temporarily disappearing or weakening the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or a certain method. It is mostly used in the secrecy work of education department examinations, state secret agencies, and confidential projects. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, it is also common for families to use Raspberry Pi Projects Cell Phone Jammer devices to shield wireless signals. At the same time, we also noticed that on the Internet, in daily communication with customers, there is a new term-mobile phone signal shielding software. There are even various types of mobile phone signal shielding software on major software download websites. The software introduction also introduces its powerful functions and staggering download times. The editor of Dazhan Electronics consulted the company's R&D engineers with more than ten years of experience in the signal shielding industry, and told you a "true and effective" signal shielding method.

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