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2024 detachable gun-type UAV jammer

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According to different needs, we produce two different power UAV countermeasure guns, low power 25W, 60W, the specific frequency and price are as follows. This signal shielding can effectively block the signal connection between the drone and the remote control, forcing the drone to land or return to flight in just a dozen seconds. The UAV counter-control equipment counter-controls the UAV by interfering with GPS, Wifi2.4G, and Wifi5.8G signals, so that the UAV is forced to land or return home.

Scope of application:
1. Government: prisons, courts, military, police, etc.
2. Infrastructure: gas stations, oil depots, gas stations, airports, etc.
3. Public places and major events: courts, sports events, venues, etc.
4. Transportation: port and transportation, yachts, etc.
5. Schools (such as examination rooms, libraries), theaters, churches, hospitals, etc.
6 VIP and personal privacy
7. Other