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Most Powerful Cell Phone Scrambler

In order to prevent students from texting or making phone calls in class, many middle schools buy cell phone jammers. The purpose is to prevent students from not paying attention in class. The principal said: "I think this is what we really need." The school is currently discussing, Most Powerful Cell Phone Scrambler The device is turned on during school hours and closed after lunch and school. "We believe that even in school, parents need to keep in touch with students, and students also need to contact parents." However, the school allows students to bring their mobile phones to school, but they must be closed in class. In the churches of Western countries, they are in a sacred place, and any uncivilized behavior should be prohibited, and the ringing of the bell will disturb the behavior of others for a week. This is not civilization. Therefore, many churches maintain a quiet atmosphere to keep the Holy Spirit and install cell phone jammers to block signals when necessary. You can imagine being rude and ignorant of answering the phone loudly. As a result, interfering with the mobile phone frequency can solve the problem of keeping silent in the church. cell phone jammer

EO-0621 6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammers 2G 3G 4G

This cellular signal blocker has a very convenient single frequency switch. You can choose to open or close a frequency band as needed. With good heat dissipation system, it can work for a long time. Can block the main mobile phone band and WIFI and GPS signals

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8341CA-4 Desktop 4 Bands Mobile Phone Blocker Device

This device can jamming multiple bands, all cell phone signals can be shielded. Only blocker the downlink signal frequency, does not affect the normal work of the surrounding communication. High reliability, long-term and stable continuous operation in a variety of environments.

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N8B 4W Portable 8 Bands Cell Phone GPS WiFi Lojack Jammer

This 8 Bands Portable mobile phone frequency jammer,can jamming all types of Android phones, Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, Windows phones etc. that use 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS L1-L5, LOJACK, or Remote Control 315Mhz 433MHz and Bluetooth WIFI wireless signals popular in 2019 and in years to come, build-in Ni-Mh battery 4700mAH working 1.5 Hours

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