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How To Make Cell Phone Scrambler At Home Pdf

At work, many employees use mobile phones for a long time, which not only affects work efficiency, but also affects the work of others to a certain extent, and their integrity reduces work efficiency. Some people feel the need to install How To Make Cell Phone Scrambler At Home Pdf in the office. In order to improve the work efficiency of employees, some people ask employees not to use mobile phones. We strictly regulate this rule. But it didn't work. Many people chat online on smartphones. Mobile phone signal jammers will help solve this problem. Using this product makes it impossible for staff to shop and play games online. It will turn off all signals. The product has a wide range of applications. According to the designated signal strength area, it can be close to 40 meters. If you do not want to affect other areas, you can use this adjustable parameter to adjust the shielding radius. Wireless network shielding is a perfect choice for office use, you can adjust the shielding radius, you can choose the right workplace, just to interfere with what you want, it will not affect anyone else, so you can avoid being sued and causing others Economic losses. cell phone jammer

Super Blocker 14 Bands Power Adjustable

The 14 bands jammers has a large rang of jamming, maximum blocker range up to 70 meters. At the same time you can also adjust the output power as needed

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Desktop 12 Bands Phone Signal Jamming Multiple Frequencies

The desktop jammers can jam 12 bands, can block all cell phone signal, vhf, uhf, 315 mhz, lojack. At the same time can also be power adjustment

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D4 Handheld Portable Drone Signal Jammer

This is a portable drone jammer. Compared to other uav jammers, this jammer has lighter weight and smaller size. You can take it anywhere easily,And no one knows that you are using the jammer at work. The portable jammer feature is irreplaceable..

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