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Drone Jammer Quickly Shoot down UAV Test

Gun Drone Countermeasure Test

The product main part is designed for suitcase, with gun type external antenna. Can be effective and accurate on the drone jamming and control

The UAV jammer is the most used drone jamming device. The main part of the product adopts the portable box design, which is convenient to move. Gun type aiming accessories for easy use. Such products have been used repeatedly at world-class summits to maintain order.

This product has a very large jamming range and high jamming accuracy, can shoot down the high altitude unmanned aerial vehicle.

Using imported high-performance chips with high efficiency wideband jammer technology, the total transmit power up to 150W. Built-in high-capacity battery, can work continuously for more than 1 hour. Can completely jammer with all types of drone. Gun-type directional antenna design, jammer is more accurate Ultra-long range jamming , up to 1500 meters. You have the option of landing or returning the drone