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Cell Phone Disruptor Block Diagram

It is a Cell Phone Disruptor Block Diagram used to interfere with wireless communication. It is also called a deterrent device or cell phone jammer. It is wisest to choose this equipment in one place. In meetings and business negotiations, it often causes discomfort and annoyance. It emits interfering radio waves. The device that can create an environment that disconnects the phone is a cell phone jammer. You can use this device to eliminate discomfort and annoyance. This is effective. cell phone jammer

EO-08-08 8 Bands Signal Jammers Desktop GSM CDMA LTE GPS WiFi

This desktop 3G 4G cell phone signal blocker device has a very good heat dissipation, with two cooling fans, can work all day long. Use of high hardness black aluminum shell, improve product heat dissipation. On both sides of the inlet, the outlet symmetrical layout of the formation of convection, two silent fans will heat out to ensure that the host work stable

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Detachable Portable Gun-Type High-Power UAV Jammer

According to the different needs, we produce two different power of the drone countermeasure gun, low power 25W, high power 60W, specific frequency and price as follows.This signal shield can efficiently block the signal connection between the drone and the remote control, forcing the drone to land or return to flight in just a dozen seconds.

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22 Antennas Full Bands Mobile Phone 5g Jammers Wi-Fi GPS LOJACK Blockers

This is the newly designed 22-antenna 5G jammer. It can not only cut off all 5G 3G 4G mobile phone signals, but also block Wi-Fi 2.4G / 5GHz GPS LOJACK, RF 315 MHz 433MHz and other signals, output power 42 watts, with infrared The remote control turns on/off the power.

$799.99 $1589.12 More

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