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Block Caller Id Cell Phone Sprint Limits Communication Spread

Perfectjammer 2022/06/14

Block Caller Id Cell Phone Sprint

The widespread use of mobile phones is a double-edged sword. The benefits provided by mobile phones need not be described too much, but for some unique venues, the application of mobile phones should be limited or even strictly prohibited. In some unique places, such as factory production workshops, the application of mobile phones is limited. According to the traditional management system, staff supervision, punishment system, etc., it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the flooded applications of mobile phones. It seems that a more feasible method for technical commodities is to assemble Block Caller Id Cell Phone Sprint or mobile phone signal shielding system software in the appropriate parts of the factory area. Each mobile phone data signal transmitter can cover a certain area, and this should be covered. A multi-tube networking scheme is used to generate coverage of an area, so as to achieve complete signal shielding in block areas.

Important admissions, qualifying or final exams require the installation of Block Caller Id Cell Phone Sprint to block electronic signals around the test room and prevent possible electronic cheating. So, how much area can the mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room block? Can only one shielding device be used in an examination room to achieve shielding purpose? How many jammers should a school building use? First of all, we need to know: the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room has a theoretical shielding range, which is about a radius of 0-20 meters. But please note that this is a theoretical distance. The actual effect depends on the local signal strength, especially whether there is a signal base station nearby. If there is a signal base station within 200 meters, the shielding effect will be reduced. In addition, walls can also weaken the shielding effect of the shield. The shielding effect is also weakened due to the stronger signal near the window. The standard classrooms of schools are generally about 75 square meters, and each classroom can be equipped with a cell phone jammer to achieve better results. It can be placed in the middle of the classroom for maximum shielding. Of course, this should be determined in conjunction with the power wiring. It is also common to place shields at the podium. If it is a larger classroom or there is a base station nearby, you can place two jammers in each classroom, one in the front and one in the front, and a better effect of 1+1>2 will be achieved due to the enhanced superposition of the shielded signal.

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