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Middle Jamming Range 10-20 M Outdoor Signal Blocker

This kind of medium distance outdoor jammer is a very good choice for users. Can be applied to a variety of occasions. Is mainly used to prevent the GPS tracking. For pay attention to protect the privacy of users, it is very practical. In North America, the demand of this kind of equipment is very big. There is no doubt that this is because the current GPS tracking device is very easy to buy in the United States

EO-0621 6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammers 2G 3G 4G

This product has a very convenient single frequency switch. You can choose to open or close a frequency band as needed. With good heat dissipation system, it can work for a long time. Can block the main mobile phone band and WIFI and GPS signals. Simple operation, open the power can be used immediately

$398.92 $623.06

5 Bands All GPS 2G 3G 4G Jammer Handheld

This is a small multi-function jamming device. It can interfere with major mobile phone signals, such as 2G,3G,4G and other signals, as well as WIFI and GPS signals. Because it is very convenient to carry, it has become a must for most teachers and drivers. Has independent frequency band switch, you can turn on the corresponding frequency band for interference.

$339.88 $677.53

Handheld Jammer 2G 3G WiFi Jamming 5 Bands

This 5 bands jamming device has a very portable design, and it is very convenient to remove the antenna. There are separate frequency switches that can be turned on or off as needed. Effective prevention by GPS satellite positioning tracking, to protect your whereabouts of privacy and confidential information.

$339.88 $677.53