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Jammers for Signal GPS L2 1227.60 MHz

L2C is the second civilian GPS signal, designed specifically to meet commercial needs. Its name refers to the radio frequency used by the signal (1227 MHz, or L2) and the fact that it is for civilian use. There are also two military signals at the L2 frequency. When combined with L1 C/A in a dual-frequency receiver, L2C enables ionospheric correction, a technique that boosts accuracy. Civilians with dual-frequency GPS receivers enjoy the same accuracy as the military (or better). For professional users with existing dual-frequency operations, L2C delivers faster signal acquisition, enhanced reliability, and greater operating range. L2C broadcasts at a higher effective power than the legacy L1 C/A signal, making it easier to receive under trees and even indoors

L2 GPS Jammer has a better signal transmission rate, the general is more professional personnel or agencies to use. So you must use targeted L2 GPS jammer

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