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Can 4G jammer to block tracking box?

Hi, I have inquired about this before but I am still confused about which jammer to buy. As far as I can figure out the GPS system they installed in our trucks, works by cell phone towers and GPS combined, I'll either buy the GPS jammer but the devuce does not block 4g /LTE which we have in our area, And the device does not mention jamming the same number of systems as the Monstro10.Will I be covered with the G5 if this system in my truck has GPS? And is there a sure way to know its working? I really need help with deciding which is best. I will plug it in probably for several hours any givin day if this makes a difference.


asked Jul. 09 '19 at 14:03


We are glad that you turned to our wiki in order to find solution. For your needs, we proposed using GPS jammer can interfere with the frequency of LTE. This is the latest version of our GPS jammers, it has 10 antenna, can interfere with a variety of frequencies. This is the latest version of our GPS jammers, it has 10 antenna, can interfere with a variety of frequencies. Just open the device, you can easily stop the tracker. Hope our suggestion can help you.

As we all know, GPS signal jammers play an increasingly critical role in our daily life. The total number of applications has increased, especially the total that must be used. It's hard to say that you don't need GPS jammer machines and devices to maintain everyone's personal privacy. You have to use some software to maintain it, which is also the happiest thing you can do without being tracked. Something about GPS jammer frequencies. Why are GPS jammers so popular? The promotion of GPS jammers is closely related to the popular application of GPS trackers. This is because GPS tracking devices are widely used to track their overall goals, such as husbands tracking their wives, Or the boss keeps track of the staff, which is also very common. Not only that, but now, in the era of intelligence, many police officers will also use GPS trackers to track suspects to obtain information and direct evidence, so that they can be completely destroyed by gang crimes.

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Asked: Jul.09 Adolph Berkeley

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