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Can the phone be tracked by others when the GPS is turned off?

I read a report before. It is said that if the mobile phone turns off the GPS, it will be tracked by others. In this case, can we use a GPS jammer to completely shield it?

2021-02-22 at 10:30


Will the phone turn off GPS and be tracked? In terms of technology, tracking will be carried out, because in addition to GPS signal tracking, there are also cell phone triangle tracking, SIM card tracking and wifi tracking. GPS is off, but there is no GPS tracking, there are other tracking sources. Many devices can be tracked, not only GPS trackers, mobile satellite positioning, satellite navigation, and even mobile phone applications are tracked by us. The diversification of tracking methods makes it impossible for us to protect ourselves safely.

GPS can also be tracked, because the form of tracking is not only GPS tracking, but also hijacking tracking. It can also track based on mobile phone signals, so the possibility of GPS cannot be completely determined, so the use of gps jammer can solve the tracking problem.