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Why use public WIFI will to leak personal information?

Perfectjammer 2018-04-04

WIFI network securityMass users and fragmented Internet habits make public WiFi a mandatory requirement in the mobile era. Thanks to this feature, the WiFi universal key which provides free networking service has been launched for four years, with 900 million users. Google and Facebook have launched similar services in several regions.

In recent years, however, media reports repeatedly user account theft case caused by use public WiFi, the public has had the enormous fears for the safety of the public WiFi: whether to use public WiFi networking can lead to personal information disclosure, and even damage to property?

How did your personal information leak out? Maybe you drink coffee, use free wi-fi, and then personal information is stolen. In recent years, free public wifi has become a hidden danger for citizens to divulge personal information and affect network security. Therefore, wifi management in public places has been brought into focus. At present, the corresponding countermeasures are also being studied.

Hackers set a camouflage wifi, a parasite highlights of the signal is very strong, can suppress cover normal wireless signal, in the users to set up a mobile phone and network dialogue between listening level, and the operation of the first to pass your disguise wifi, then the wifi network, your personal information is in a state of no privacy. This means that everything you do on your phone can be seen.

How does the hacker transfer your money through wifi?

Step 1: the hackers set up free wifi to attract the victim's mobile phone access.
Step 2: by disguising the web page, record the password of the victim's login in the phishing website, personal information.
Step 3: steal user information and steal the password of the victim's bank card number.
Step 4: install mobile Trojan virus for the victim, block the user SMS.
Step 5: use Trojan virus to steal mobile phone payment verification code to complete the theft.

How to protect your network security?

First, do not connect the unknown wireless network, online shopping, payment and other sensitive operation, it is recommended not to use public wifi.

Second, the mobile phone, computer and other electronic products on a regular basis to kill virus, install security software, frequently change password to ensure security.

Thirdly, using WIFI jammer can effectively avoid automatic access to unfamiliar WIFI, which can prevent your smart device from being invaded.

Fourth, the sensitive information of the individual must be kept properly, not in the mail, chat tools and other places to divulged account password information; Different websites and systems suggest using different accounts or passwords.

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