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Jammers were originally designed to prevent mobile phones from triggering bombs


When you need to leave your phone outside the room, a portable phone blocker is a great device. These devices will block all cellular signals from all phones within a specific frequency band. Most of the time, CTIA does not prohibit passive interference, but they may regulate the use of these devices. In fact, preventing the use of mobile phones is one of the top priorities in the industrial security industry.

The signal jammer was originally designed for military or law enforcement purposes. Their main function is to prevent bombs triggered by mobile phones. They can interfere with mobile phone signals, thereby weakening the overall call quality and network strength. Therefore, it is an important tool in law enforcement. But there are other applications for portable phone jammers. Here are some of them:

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One of the most convenient uses of portable mobile phone jammers is to prevent law enforcement personnel from using mobile phone data to track someone. This can prevent law enforcement agencies from using GPS tracking devices to search for missing persons. This method can even be used for devices without GPS modules. In addition, portable mobile phone blockers can be used as monitoring tools.

Another popular use of portable mobile phone jammers is for emergency situations. In these situations, mobile phones can interrupt emergency calls and interfere with daily communication. But how does a portable phone jammer work? It works like this: the interfering device works by broadcasting signals within a specific frequency band. The interfered signal will interfere with other devices transmitted within the same frequency range. This interference will completely block the signal, causing the phone to display no signal on the screen.

Although it is illegal to block mobile services in many countries/regions, it is legal in the United States. The Communications Act of 1934 prohibited interference with radio communication, and the Federal Communications Commission considered interfering equipment as property theft. In many cases, interfering devices are only effective in preventing calls from entering a certain area. However, using this technology in appropriate circumstances may be of great benefit. For example, if someone places a cell phone jammer near a police station, they can prevent it from reaching their destination.

Portable mobile phone jammers can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The latest models of these devices can block all phone signals. They also block GPS signals and WiFi networks. These devices can also block 5G frequency band signals. They are also easy to use and come with built-in cooling fans. In addition to portable phone jammers, you can also find fixed jammers. They are an excellent choice for blocking mobile phone signals.