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Telemarketers Block Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-7

Telemarketers Block Cell Phone

Metal detectors scan, Telemarketers Block Cell Phone all-round monitoring... On July 20th, the medical examination for the recruitment of soldiers in Yancheng District, Luohe City, Henan Province was in full swing at the Municipal People's Hospital. The author has noticed that the use of high-tech means to avoid human interference is a highlight of the city’s conscription work this year. Luohe City is a large city in Henan Province. Nearly 50,000 young people of school age participate in military service registration every year. In order to prevent the emergence of "human sentiment soldiers" and "tiaozi soldiers" and other bad problems, the party committee of the Ministry of Armed Forces of the person held a special meeting on the preliminary examination and preliminary examination to strictly formulate the medical examination standards, strictly the preliminary examination discipline, and ensure the integrity of the discipline. Change is the first to create a clean atmosphere. cell phone jammer

In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the physical examination process, the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces of the district has arranged full-time personnel to implement closed management of the physical examination station. Young applicants are forbidden to bring mobile phones into the physical examination site; medical personnel and conscripts participating in the physical examination work are also not allowed to carry communication tools Enter the physical examination station. They also installed 3 Telemarketers Block Cell Phone in the physical examination area to shield the communication signals in the physical examination area; the discipline inspection team and the Health Bureau set up inspection teams to continuously supervise and inspect the physical examination work. The Ministry of Armed Forces also provided a uniform number for all young applicants, and the physical examination form did not reflect the name information of the young applicants to prevent alteration and fraud. At the same time, the daily review will be adjusted to a half-day review to eliminate the possibility of artificial falsification due to the long stay of the medical examination form. Rui Xitian, the chief examining doctor and the director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Municipal People’s Hospital, told the author: “At this time in previous years, it was inevitable to receive a few intercession calls and a few recommendations. These measures introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces this year are really effective, greatly reducing medical care. The pressure of the personnel effectively prevents human interference."

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