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Spy Gear Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-07-09

Spy Gear Cell Phone Jammer

Many customers did not notice the manufacturer behind when they chose the exam Spy Gear Cell Phone Jammer . This is absolutely not to be ignored, because only the products produced by regular manufacturers can guarantee the quality. Many customers only find out after purchasing the equipment. If there is a quality problem, if you buy a product that is not guaranteed, it will undoubtedly cause a loss to your own interests. After the above conditions are met, manufacturers with high technology and strength are the preferred standards. Often only strong manufacturers can provide high-performance test mobile phone jammers. Such equipment has stronger shielding effect and can ensure that it can be used. Completely cut off communication signals to prevent cheating in the examination room. cell phone jammer

Nowadays, the emergence of mobile phone jammers has solved many hidden dangers of disrupting order in the examination room, allowing candidates to take the exam in a fair environment. The principle of this exam Spy Gear Cell Phone Jammer is actually to isolate the electronic signal to make the communication signal of the mobile phone fail, which can prevent the phenomenon of using mobile phones to cheat. Not only that, it also has a good shielding effect for the WIFI2.4G signal, which is generally effective. The range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters. Generally, a low-power test mobile phone signal jammer is enough to cover an entire classroom, meeting the needs of the test room for shielding signals, and because the battery life of this equipment is generally three hours Although the heat dissipation is poor, it also leads to a particularly high price/performance ratio, which is especially suitable for schools to purchase signal shielding for examination rooms.

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